Posted by: cussenpark | 7 August 2016

2015/16 Highlights & Achievements

The current Cussen Park Advisory Committee (CPAC) has now been in place for 12 months since its reappointment on 21 April 2015.

During the past 12 months there have been a number of notable achievements, issues and activities pertinent to CPAC. These include:

  • The committee’s continued input to the Cussen Park Management Plan review process, including improvements to the draft plan;
  • Advice about future plans to improve the design and management of Margaret St pond;
  • Several opportunities to provide advice to council about the 33-35 William St planning permit application and highlighting concerns about key aspects of the development proposed on the values of Cussen Park;
  • Advice to Council about CPAC’s position on a petition seeking the sealing of Margaret St;
  • Constructive and positive communication with council staff about key maintenance, weed and vegetation management aspects of the park, including having the opportunity to do a comprehensive tour of the park with Paul and Marisa during summer;
  • Successfully receiving GSCC Small Events grant funding for the 8 April Nature Walks evening, which culminated in a fantastic Nature Walks night on 8 April attended by about 65 people!

As well as these more significant aspects, we also saw:

  • Continued monitoring of Little Red Flying Fox populations in the park,
  • Our annual planting day being successfully held on 5 July,
  • More regular information about stormwater run-off to the park related to Tatura Milk operations (thanks to Sean Trebley for this)
  • Continued community use of the park for key events (Tatura Hospital fun run and Tatura200 cycling event are obvious examples)
  • And the 20-year anniversary plaque being installed in the rotunda!

And I know this is only some of the committee’s achievements.

However in touching on these highlights I know that this doesn’t do justice to the time spent by Committee members working in, and for, the park between our committee meetings. I’d like to particularly acknowledge the ‘unseen’ hours spent looking after our park (whether it’s watering, flagging weed hotspots, reporting maintenance issues and even misuse of the park).


Challenges for 2016/17

Some of the key challenges for the Committee in 2016/17 will very much build upon what we’ve done during the previous 12 months and I’m sure will include:

  • Successful completion of the Cussen Park Management Plan review to better enable key strategic goals to be set for the park; for example renewing vegetation, managing ecological benefits from watering and enhancing habitat value in the park;
  • Getting a clearer understanding of community expectations and aspirations for the park (stemming from the management plan consultation process);
  • Continuing to explore opportunities for renewed community and schools involvement in park activities (building on the success of the recent nature walks event!!);
  • Advising Council in their efforts to improve ecological and social/amenity values at Margaret Street through the master plan process;
  • Continuing to remain vigilant in ensuring Cussen Park and its stakeholders have a voice as part of planning and development proposal adjacent to the park; and
  • Working with Council in pursuit of funding and strategically important project opportunities (e.g. supporting outdoor exercise equipment and other community projects that might enable increased use of the park).

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