Posted by: cussenpark | 7 August 2016

2014/15 Highlights & Achievements

The Cussen Park Advisory Committee (CPAC) was re-appointed on 21 April 2015 as a committee of Greater Shepparton City Council, after the previous committee’s 2-year term expired in December 2014.

From April to December 2014 some of the key achievements, issues and activities were:

  • Submitting a Communities for Nature small grant project proposal around accommodating bats in the park (which was not successful unfortunately)
  • Hold our annual planting day on 27 April
  • Maintenance to key infrastructure including
    • timber structure walkways being pressure washed
    • re-mulching of the Arboretum and Park Street lookout
  • Monitoring of Little Red Flying Fox populations in the park
  • Installation of signage in the park as a part of the Jodie Ridges bike trail
  • The addition of Sean Trebley from Tatura Milk as a regular vistor to Cussen Park Committee meeting (very much welcomed since Graham’s departure)
  • Increased community use of the park for key events, such as the Tatura Hospital fun run through the park on 12 October and a bike/walk through the park as part of the Tatura200 on 8 November
  • A number of repairs and clean-ups needed in response to vandalism in the park
  • The committee’s input to revised Cussen Park Management Plan
  • Advising council regarding the management of property encroachment on the eastern side of Margaret Street pond

However these highlights do not include all the individual Committee member efforts on watering, flagging weed infestations, highlighting maintenance required and monitoring (and reporting) vandalism of park assets. This is essential work and I am very thankful to those of you who continue to put so many hours into this.

Challenges for 2015/16

Some of the key challenges for the Committee in 2015/16 include:

  • Timely completion of the Cussen Park Management Plan review and progression of key actions in the plan.
  • Exploring opportunities for renewed community and schools involvement in park activities (outdoor exercise equipment, planting days, community events, education..)
  • Advising Council in efforts to seek agreed management of Margaret Street pond water levels
  • Continuing to renew vegetation and enhance habitat value in the park
  • Working with Council in pursuit of funding and project opportunities (to support upgrades to park infrastructure or Communities for nature grants)
  • Monitoring and assessing the impact of urban development on the park

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