Posted by: cussenpark | 16 August 2014

Highlights and achievements of 2013/14

It’s been an eventful 18 months for the Cussen Park Advisory Committee, with a number of important achievements, challenges and activities to highlight.

Since its appointment at the end of 2012, the committee has overseen the installation of new signage in Cussen Park and has provided important advice on managing water levels, the construction of new culvert on Undera Rd and, more recently, the installation of several new regulating structures to enhance flow through the park’s wetlands.

The committee has continued to provide important advice to Council about planning and future land use around Cussen Park to ensure its natural beauty is preserved for the people of Tatura to enjoy for many years to come.

There have been a number of working bees to plant new seedlings which, despite some challenges with vandalism, continue to grow and thrive.

Cussen Park Advisory Committee has also supported successful community events such as the annual Carp Fishing Competition which helps reduce the impact of European Carp in the park’s wetlands. The past year has seen the park become an increasingly important educational resource, and the committee has been pleased to assist Sacred Heart Primary School students in understanding more about the park and the wonderful plants and animals that call Cussen Park home.

However the stand out event during the past year was the 20 year anniversary event held in October last year, which was a day filled with fantastic community activities celebrating how far Cussen Park has progressed since the early 1990s. The commitment and dedication by volunteers and supporters to develop the park to what the Tatura enjoys today, was given special acknowledgment by Mayor Cr Jenny Houlihan.

I’d like to thank Greater Shepparton City Council for the invaluable and expert work of its staff to manage and maintain the park. This important work continues rain, hail or shine; whether it’s spraying weeds, mowing grass or repairing structures, and is vital to the health of Cussen Park.

It’s also important to acknowledge the community volunteers who look after the park and spend many hours watering, checking for weeds, picking up rubbish and even keep a careful eye out for misuse of the park.

Finally I’d like to acknowledge my fellow committee members, for their continued hard work, dedication and commitment to ensuring Cussen Park remains a vibrant park for people well into the future.

On behalf of the Cussen Park Advisory Committee I look forward to continuing to work to support and preserve one of the Tatura community’s most important assets

Simon Cowan

Chair, Cussen Park Advisory Committee


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